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Technology Program for Grades K-8.

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School is blessed with a variety of technologies and adaptive learning platforms that are intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our teaching as well as provide opportunities for students to utilize and master hard and soft skill sets demanded in high school, college and careers. 

Our goal is to not just have technology present in classrooms, but rather, to bring our learning environments into a contemporary model of personalized learning and instruction based on the interactions derived from the effective use of a 1 to 1 technology program. We guide and coach our students to be mindful of their "Digital Tattoo" recognizing the importance of responsible digital citizenship and adhering to the school's technology Acceptable Usage Policy.

Accepting that the learning environment our students are most engaged in involves the use of various technologies and that differentiated instruction can be greatly enhanced through a developed plan utilizing Artifical Intelligence (A.I.), Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac school has committed to a focused strategy of resources and budgetary decisions that will allow for continued acquisition, updating, and training ensuring that our technology program remains relevant to the ever-changing pace of education reform. 

Allowing our students to work with and engage in a 1 to 1 learning environment provides them with the foundations needed to leverage their learning and excel with the technology demanded in high school, college, and the workplace. Our intention is to guide students on all grade levels in the appropriate, ethical, and moral use of technology platforms, enhancing the student-centered classroom where discovery-based learning is married with challenged-based education. We expect our students to acquire knowledge as they experience open-ended questions that require data interpretation, collaboration, debate, discussions, and creative thought, through the use of cloud computing, A.I., adaptive learning management systems and assessments that model authentic learning.

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac school prepares our students with the ability to adapt to various learning environments that require understing and mastery of aspects associated with . Our students, through divergent ways of approaching solutions, model 21st-Century skill sets which require the ability to acquire, interact, analyze, and produce digital content. Through the use of 1 to 1 computing, our students, who are mobile learners, can engage with content and resources on a continuous basis. The student is encouraged to seek solutions through resources currently available to them, blending formalized instruction with digital content, allowing the student to experience a variety of learning modalities while becoming an independent learner. 

Our technology plann is constructed around iPads required by all 3rd-8th-grade students, as well as two carts of iPads for our  Kindergarten through 2nd-grade students. Content varies from adptive learning apps relating to curriculum centered skills to accessing digital content for Religion, Math, Science, Reading, and Spanish. Learners are able to interact with active response system apps allowing teachers to formative assess progress as well as interact with peers and teachers through backchanneling and collaborative networks. Students can also receive, interact with, and digitally hand in assignments through the use of the school’s learning management system.

We are committed to providing each student opportunity to transition to high school with the digital-media literacy skills needed in today’s diverse and technologically ubiquitous learning environments. Saint Jeanne’s focuses on producing life-long learners who are driven to make solid moral and ethical decisions as they utilize technology in life...and for life.

Artifical Intelligence

At Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac Catholic School, our mission is rooted in assisting students to cultivate a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ while striving for excellence in education and living a life of service, in accordance with the Gospels. In line with these values, this policy articulates the principles guiding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by students within the school community.

We recognize the potential benefits of AI in advancing education and fostering innovative learning experiences. However, it is crucial that its integration aligns with our fundamental values, promoting responsible conduct, academic excellence, and the maintenance of a Christ-centered learning environment. In the spirit of our educational mission, students are encouraged to leverage AI for educational purposes. This includes utilizing AI tools for research, enhancing learning experiences, and contributing to academic projects that align with our curriculum.

Respecting the dignity of each person is paramount within our community. Thus, students are expected to use AI in a manner that upholds the inherent dignity of every individual. Any use that involves harassment, discrimination, or harm to others is strictly prohibited. Moreover, the privacy and security of personal information must be upheld. Students are required to exercise caution when using AI to avoid compromising the privacy of individuals or engaging in activities that breach data security. In alignment with our commitment to honesty and integrity, the ethical use of AI is paramount. Plagiarism, cheating, or any form of academic dishonesty facilitated by AI is strictly prohibited.

Our religious values serve as a guiding principle in the use of AI. Students are expected to integrate AI in a manner consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Any use that conflicts with our religious values or promotes ideologies contrary to the Gospel or Catholic doctrine is not allowed.

Supervised usage of AI is crucial to ensuring adherence to this policy. Teachers and staff will guide students, helping them navigate appropriate applications of AI following the school's mission. AI should be leveraged to enhance collaboration and community building within our school. Students are encouraged to use AI to support their peers and contribute positively to the school community.

Continuous learning is encouraged, and students are urged to explore AI technologies for personal growth and academic advancement. The school will provide resources and support to foster responsible and innovative use of AI.

Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary actions, ranging from counseling and academic penalties to suspension or expulsion, depending on the nature and severity of the infraction.

This policy will undergo periodic reviews to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Amendments may be made to reflect changes in technology, educational practices, or the school's mission.

By embracing this AI Usage Policy, students at Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac Catholic School actively contribute to the creation of a Christ-centered and technology-responsible learning environment.


Shared Responsibility

Here are some resources for our parents on Internet safety:

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