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Preschool - Kindergarten Students:
Will only be required to wear masks while coming into school and leaving the school. Otherwise, students in these grade levels, based on the evidence that has been published by the CDC and the American Pediatric Society, will not be required to wear a mask in class.

First - Eighth Grade Students:
Will be required to wear a mask at all times while in class and transitioning between classes in Middle School.

When will my child NOT be required to wear a mask?
Morning breaks (both nutritional break and activity break)
Lunch time
PE Classes - PE will maintain social distancing guidelines and all safety requirements
Outdoor Middle School PLT (Personal Learning Time) respectful of distancing protocols
After School Sports

All adults will be required to wear a mask (and/or a face shield in grades Preschool through Second-grade) while in a classroom or building at all times. Teachers have been instructed to take breaks and eat lunch outside of the classroom.

Nothing will replace or exceed the ecosystem of a live classroom. Academics, relationships and overall social-emotional structures that are inherent to a live classroom cannot be replicated in online learning environments. We hope that many of our parents will send their children to school at the start of the year, however, we know and respect those who feel that it will be best to keep their child at home to start the school year. Acknowledging the importance of keeping children who are most vulnerable with pre-existing respiratory conditions at home, we hope that parents weigh the decision to enroll their child in our Online Learning Program with current facts regarding research based scientifically supported data.  The school remains committed to providing children with the opportunity to attend live classes following all of the safety and cautionary guidelines outlined in our “Return to School Playbook” and is confident, based on the latest data and findings by all credible medical and scientific sources, that this commitment is not putting our students or teachers at risk. 

The Emergency Remote Learning Program implemented when the school closed on March 15, 2020, was a heroic accomplishment by our teachers and parents under extraordinary circumstances and was highly recognized by our SJDL community as well as the Diocese of Orange. However, we recognize that the asynchronous aspects associated with our Emergency Remote Learning Program will not be a structure we can continue to use as we go into the 2020-2021 school year for those electing to remain at home. We will implement a model that aligns with Online Learning minimizing asynchronous aspects that were present in our Emergency Remote Learning Program while focusing on synchronous aspects expecting students to attend learning sessions as they would if they were in the live classroom. Curriculum will be presented at specific times where remote students will virtually attend instruction, modeling, directed teaching, question and answering, etc., and interact with teachers throughout the day based on the respective grade level schedule. Teachers will engage the remote student just as they would in a live classroom setting and expect all students to maintain focus and attention no matter if they are in the live classroom or at home for the duration of the class time.

The remote environment depends on each student to independently motivate himself or herself, to receive daily instruction and assignments, to login when required, to do the assignments by posted due dates, to communicate with other students if asked, and to master Learning Goals through their consistent interactions with the posted content and their teachers. This requires independence and self-motivation, time management, self-regulation, self-direction and the ability to block out the distractions from home. Additionally, parents will need to do all they can to remain in active communication with their child’s teacher, monitor the Learning Management System and correct course when needed based on their child’s consistency with outlined tasks, reacting to the effective feedback provided by the teacher and their overall active participation during scheduled curriculum sessions. The asynchronous model, and the inherent autonomy that is associated with remote learning will need to be minimized for elementary and middle school students who have not yet acquired the appropriate independence and motivations needed to be successful with a traditional online remote learning environment.

Furthermore, the temptation to compare online learning to face-to-face instruction in these circumstances will be great. Teachers will strive to actively balance students in their live face-to-face class with remote learners. Effective feedback will be given in a timely manner that all learners will need to respect and respond to in order to build competencies with Learning Goals as they progress. Ultimately, effective online education requires an investment in an ecosystem of learner supports, which take time to identify and build by the parent in tandem with the teacher's observations and direction. Parents should not expect the teacher to maintain conversation throughout the instructional session. Parents need to realize that in elementary and middle school levels, a traditional live classroom setting has a great deal of instructional “down time” throughout the school day. This is not due to the teacher’s preference or failing to engage the learner, but rather planned in order to provide the learner with instructional breaks to practice and reason independently as they move toward mastering skills on their own. Without proper parental supervision, the remote learner's autonomy toward asynchronous learning, namely, doing their work whenever he/she feels rather than in conjunction with his/her classmates will be a detriment to his/her overall success as well as a disruptive element within the live classroom environment.

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School is blessed to maintain a strong online learning environment with robust digital learning platforms and a Learning Management System that allows for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Nevertheless, the learner will only get out what they are willing to put in as responsibility, reasoning and resilience will be the cornerstones of our online learning environment for those parents who choose to have their child participate, or if, in fact, the school will be requited to go entirely online due to unforeseen circumstances. We are committed to providing all we can for our students and their families. The Compassion we have for the parents of our SJDL community can only be expressed through our desire to construct a viable online learning environment that, together with the direct oversight and commitment of the parent, will provide opportunities for their child to master learning goals throughout the school year, be it in a live classroom or exclusively online.

Schedules and curriculum goals will be published for parents in a timely manner. The Curriculum Team and Administration will regularly review data, participation, work completion and growth as well as attendance. Learning coaches will communicate and meet with the Curriculum Team and Administration indicating successes and concerns throughout the online timeframe. The Online Learning Program will require a strong commitment and compliance to expectations by all of the stakeholders. We are confident that we can meet this challenge with the same success we experienced during the Emergency Remote Learning Program and provide parents a viable option during these extraordinary times. We also hope that students can feel part of the SJDL community and maintain some degree of social interaction with their classmates as we move forward in the 2020-2021 school year. 

Please look for more information and any specific details regarding our efforts to construct a comprehensive Online Learning Program for our Saint Jeanne community. Thank you!

Synchronous learning is the kind of learning that happens in real time. This means that you, your classmates, and your instructor interact in a specific virtual place, through a specific online medium, at a specific time. In other words, it’s not exactly anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Methods of synchronous online learning include video conferencing, teleconferencing, live chatting, and live-streaming lectures.

Asynchronous learning happens on your schedule. While your course of study, instructor or degree program will provide materials for reading, lectures for viewing, assignments for completing, and exams for evaluation, you have the ability to access and satisfy these requirements within a flexible time frame. Methods of asynchronous online learning include self-guided lesson modules, streaming video content, virtual libraries, posted lecture notes, and exchanges across discussion boards or social media platforms.

Preschool through Kindergarten classes will remain open for live instruction and continue to follow all guidelines and safety requirements. 

First through Eighth-grade instructors will transition to our Online Learning Program and continue to instruct students following the regular schedules from 8 am - 3pm daily. This will not follow the Emergency Remote Learning Program's 2 hr window, but rather, provide all day interactions with our students following the schedules established at the start of the school year.

Electro-static sprayer will be utilized nightly by the cleaning staff along with other non-toxic cleaning agents that comply with anti-bacterial guidelines.

The classroom square footage will comply with distancing protocols set forth by the CDC for the school's maximum number of students in each grade level.

Teachers will maintain distancing compliance at all times and will be wearing a mask or an appropriate face shield (Preschool - Second Grades).

Grid lines will be indicated in each classroom so that students and teachers will be aware of proper distancing protocols.

With an emphasis being placed on allowing independent and outside learning we are encouraging that the following items be available:

  • Sand Chair (low-leg high back Tommy Bahama style with shoulder straps).
  • Hat that can be worn any time the student is outside the classroom.
  • Lap Desk (Optional)

Hot lunch orders will be taken by the teacher in the morning through the school's Student Information System.

Cafeteria staff will prepare individual lunches for students who indicated that they would like to have a hot lunch and will be placed in a designated area for students to pick up and eat at their designated lunch spot.

The Snack Shack will be closed until further notice.

Only Preschool through Kindergarten will be allowed to go into the cafeteria for lunch (observing proper distancing and staggering classes to cut down the number of students).

Grades 1-8 will be required to go to their designated eating areas outside (utilizing their recommended sand chair) at their pre-appointed scheduled time.

In order to eliminate adult visitors to the school grounds the front and back lots will be closed to parking every day between 7:00 am and 8:30 am and again from 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. 

Preschool through First Grade parents will be directed to the middle sections of the back parking lot (off of First Street) to park and help their child buckle or unbuckle. Preschool - Prekindergarten parents will need to walk their child to the check-in table next to the Field of Dreams where the child will then be assisted by Early Childhood Faculty to the Early Childhood area.

Currently under consideration. Please check back as we are still working on the logistics to ensure safety and efficiency.

Shoe uniform requirements will allow for any non-neon color shoes that can be worn all day. The 2020-2021 Parent/Student Handbook will be amended to reflect this variation to policy in a timely manner.

Since the school will not be able to host assemblies of any kind, FULL FORMAL uniforms will not be required. The return policy for Vicky Marsha has been extended. Please visit their website for detailed information.

P.E. days will require students to wear their P.E. uniform for the entire day so that they will not have to change out of their school uniform and back into the uniform. For younger students, it is highly recommended that parents consider purchasing the SJDL sweatpants and sweatshirts for P.E. days preparing for cold days.

Hats will be allowed for all students to wear while outside.

Planning for the coming school year is unlike any school year to date, obviously. We recognize the need to restrict and minimize supplies parents are required to provide for their child being mindful of both budgets and storage restrictions. The supplies will reflect essential items that are needed rather than what may be wanted by children. Recognizing the extreme limitations we will not require cleaning supplies by parents as stated in our weekly newsletter. We will be happy to accept all donations, especially if parents have antibacterial wipes, but our partnership with Waxie Cleaning Supplies will provide the necessary cleaning agents for all classrooms and hand sanitzers.

Please note that all learning supplies will be individualized and kept isolated by your child, either in their respective backpacks (Grades 4-8), in their desks (Grades 1-3) or in their Cubbies in Kindergarten.

CDC Guidelines indicate that a student will be sent home and/or not allowed to attend a live class if they are presenting a temperature of 100.4 or greater. We encourage all of our parents to take the temperature of their child on a regular basis before leaving the house to avoid any potential problem.

  • Early Childhood Events
  • Parent Information
  • Early Childhood Registration

Given the ever evolving and fluid context of the Covid-19 crisis, we pray that parents will continue to trust in the Administration and its commitment to monitoring the recommendations and parameters set forth by the CDC, State Department of Health, Orange County Department of Health, Diocese of Orange, public school systems from whom we will gain insight all summer long. Our “Return to School Playbook” will change, again, given the fluidity and context of this ever evolving situation. The Playbook will reflect guidelines that provide the whole school community, students, parents, teachers and Sisters, reasonable protocols of safety from this virus we know will be with us going into the coming school year.

The Administration will remain committed to erring on the side of caution and will do everything possible, again, given the parameters set forth by all of the health and educational agencies, to ensure the spiritual, physical and emotional health of our students, parents and teachers. We will continue to help our parents prepare their children for the certainty of changes that will be present to start the school year. Please note, it will be a daunting task to attempt to please everyone and provide individual protocols, but we certainly recognize the breadth of apprehensions and fears we are all experiencing.

We appreciate all of the support and trust so many have expressed. We ask that you pray for us, for the discernment and wisdom needed, to ensure the entire SJDL community is recognized throughout the planning process. Thank you!

Life is busy, we do all we can to help.

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School is devoted to working in partnership with parents and recognizes the family unit as the primary educator. Success, both spiritually and academically is a direct result of an effective collaboration between the school and the family. This collaboration centers on communication, therefore, we are devoted to providing parents and students, as well as our community, with a robust Communication Management System (CMS). From our SJDL App, push notifications sent to parent cell phones, email correspondence, weekly newsletters and direct phone calls to social media and a robust Learning Management System, parents have the opportunity to stay up-to-date and well informed with all of the events and after school activities Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac is so richly blessed with hosting. 

Customization of the CMS allows for an individualized experience bringing relative information to each parent and family. Subscribing to calendars, news feeds, groups and activities generates a personalized communication platform for all of our parents. The school is committed to consistency of message and does all it can to minimize changes to calendar events, but as a dynamic school, we take full advantage of opportunities to enrich the student experience and curricular areas which may lead to unanticipated changes. Should this occur, parents are notified through the CMS in a timely manner.

Receiving “Highly Effective” in our latest accreditation (2019) regarding communication, the Evaluation Team was extremely impressed with our CMS and our parents indicated through an abundance of surveys that the school is doing an exemplary job regarding the overall communication platform. We will continue to do all we can in regards to effective and efficient ways to communicate how Saint Jeanne Lestonnac School is the “Best kept Educational Secret in Orange County.

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