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About Our School

“As the years have unfolded, I know that the love and care the Sisters of the Company of Mary gave me along with a solid academic foundation allowed me to excel in high school, college and now in my career. For this, I am always in awe of SJDL and all of the individuals dedicated to its continued success.” 

The importance of growing spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically are the most important aspects of a solid and productive learning culture. Learning based on the development of analytical thought and application of skills develops the confidence to accept and explore higher levels of challenges. Giving learners opportunities to set goals and recognizing accomplishments are always contingent to overcoming “perceived failures” and is vital to achieving professional goals.

“Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School has always allowed me to try and encouraged me to look at whatever I was doing, be it perfect or coming up short, and asking the most important question to learning and development, which is, ‘How can I do this better’? My teachers always guided me toward higher levels of thought which meant I could not just memorize responses.” 

Additionally, it is extremely important to give children opportunities to express the creative aspects of their individual personality through various platforms. Leadership, entrepreneurship and service to others are directly related to the individual’s ability to expand out of a comfort zone and challenge their status quo. Recognizing that future success is directly related to the ability to acclimate to changes that will most certainly encompass social and cultural aspects that are prevalent in the world.

“Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School provides so many opportunities for my child to get involved and have fun. From robust Athletics, Theater Arts and Campus Ministry programs there is always something my child can be involved with which makes life so much easier for me as a parent. I do not have to find after-school programs or enroll them in sports clubs. These programs and I am sure all other programs at the school, develop my child’s overall confidence and creativity.”

Character development through humility, service, responsibility, reflecting on feedback, understanding that failure is part of the learning process and a values-based discipline program creates common and shared goals for growth. Shielding instinctual approaches to learning can create long-term consequences associated with abilities to think through or interact with challenges that are present in highly developed learning cultures develops risk-aversion behaviors. Children can develop insecurities associated with decision-making skills as well as lowered competency with learning goals that can grow exponentially when not given opportunities to solve problems on their own.

“It is so important in today’s world that our children develop abilities to accept feedback, reflect and adjust their approach. They need to understand that perfection is not the goal. They need to understand that struggle is part of the learning process. Saint Jeanne’s does a highly effective job of providing students all they need to develop the ability to persevere and strive to grow. It’s not just about the grade, it’s about values-based character development. With this approach, grades come naturally!”

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School desires to develop good learners, not good students. We strive to provide parents with authentic and accurate reporting of growth relating to grade level and subject area competency of learning goals. We will continue to develop and curate a strong culture for learning through a love for student accomplishments based on growth and not just an end product grade. As parents work in partnership with this endeavor we know that Saint Jeanne graduates will be highly prepared for the rigor of high school, college and career.

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