Security Overview

Although Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School provides a very rigorous curriculum and well-rounded experience for its students, a primary reason parents enroll their children in our school is that they feel that the children are safe and secure, here in the hands of the Sisters of the Company of Mary and their dedicated lay collaborators. Please know that your children's teachers, administrators, and support personnel have the safety and security of the children as their first priority. 


The school provides all members of the school community a map of the entire campus. All members of the Administration, Faculty, and Staff are positioned on that map of the school. They can see exactly where the campus is enclosed by buildings, walls, gates, and fencing during the school day, and that there are sixteen video surveillance cameras throughout the fourteen-acre site.  These are displayed on the map along with electrical panels, gas meters, and water shut-off valves. 


Our school is quite fortunate in that we are remotely located from both Main Street in Tustin and First Street in Santa Ana. Although Saint Jeanne’s is a large school facility, most people, even long-time residents of the Tustin area, do not know that we are a school, but rather an entrance to a residential neighborhood. Someone who does not look like they belong in our school community, or do not look like a visiting Catholic school here for a sports game, is reported. Teachers, parents, and students notify anything suspicious to the Sisters, or other members of the Administration and Staff. Several Staff members are generally here from 6 AM until after-school sports practices and games end. The Sisters live in the convent on campus 24/7 and are always available, vigilant, and responsive. 


The members of the Faculty have the cell phone numbers of the Administration, including our Daycare Staff, who see Catholic school visitors to our gym after 3 PM. During the school day, with the exception of special events such as liturgies, programs, and assemblies to which we invite our parents who park on the Field of Dreams side of the school, the only entrance and exit is through the front office. Otherwise the entire 14-acre is fenced and locked.


In the main office there is a red "all-call" intercom button. If anything were to occur, all classrooms and buildings would be alerted and directed immediately. The Administration meets periodically with the teachers to review how best to keep the children safe (per the architecture of the various buildings on campus.) Representatives of the Tustin Police Department, our School Resource and Safety Officers, advise the Administration on how best to notify the teachers of an incident, and how to proceed if for some reason a fire, earthquake, or lock-down event were to take place.


As the school is an extension of the Sisters' home, security has always been very important to everyone who works or lives in the school community. We pray that our preparation, vigilance, and the Lord's divine protection continue to bless everyone in our Saint Jeanne's Family.  


Sister Cecilia Durán, ODN & the Sisters of the Company of Mary