Prayer Warriors

Pope Francis spoke on the importance of prayer and forgiveness in the life of a Christian,
warning against common attitudes which “close the door” to God. “The Lord tells us: 'the
first task in life is: prayer.' But not the prayer of words, like a parrot; but the prayer, from
the heart: gazing on the Lord, hearing and asking are united by a similar problem:
neither of them knew how to pray. In the story of Mary and Martha in the gospel , the
Holy Father said that when Martha asked Jesus to have Mary get up and serve, Jesus
said, Mary chose the “better part,” meaning “ prayer and contemplation.” “Prayer can be
born as a request, even as a prompt intervention, but matures in praise and adoration.
Then it becomes truly personal, as it was for Jesus,” the Pope said March 17. He said in
his homily that the “small are those who have a humble and open heart, poor and needy,
who feel the need to pray, to entrust themselves and to be accompanied,” and that the
hearts of little ones like the children he visited are “like an antenna, which captures the
signal of God immediately.”
The purpose of our Prayer Warriors group is for Saint Jeanne moms and/or grandmothers who desire to join together to lift up in prayer the children, staff, and the families in our school and community. Our Prayer Warriors group meets at 2:00 pm twice a month in the SJDL chapel.