Schedule a Campus Tour

Schedule a Tour of the Campus While School Is in Session...Come and see what makes us different!

In the selection of a private school for your family it is essential that you visit the campus, meet the people, observe the children in action, and ask important questions. No school is a perfect fit for all families, and visiting the school while it is in session and talking to teachers, administrators, and parents who already have children enrolled in the school are important steps in the process. After all, you are making the important years of your child’s formation your highest priority and the investment of a lifetime.


If you would like a personal tour of the campus to see the children, the teachers, and facilities of the 14-acre campus, please call, Mrs. Leah Lee, Admissions Coordinator, to make an appointment for a tour 714.542.4271, or click HERE. People from all over the country, and the world, enroll their children in our school, and we understand difficult work and/or travel schedules. In person, or over the phone, we are always available to answer your questions or to direct you to visit our school’s website.


There will be time during your tour to ask important questions, to receive a packet of additional information, and an opportunity to speak with the school’s secretary regarding the admission’s process for the age/grade level of your child/ren. It is always a pleasure for us to share all of the many blessings that God has granted to us, and to salute the parents of previous generations on whose shoulders the next generation of Saint Jeanne’s parents will proudly stand! May God bless you with the discernment and resources required to find the absolute best possible fit for your family.