Preschool & Prekindergarten News

School-wide Learning Expectations Come Alive

Our Lil’ Lancers have been taking their SLE’S to another level. Our children love to experience moments of joy , laughter, and community and one of their favorite activities is getting together with their buddies. Throughout the week, they diligently worked on learning about addition, they learned about St. Patrick and the trinity, they welcomed Spring by planting their own seeds, and lastly they began to await Easter through prayer and daily devotions.
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Building and Construction Curiosity

Our Little Lancers were very curious about our buildings study. They wanted to know how the buildings were constructed and what people do inside them. This study offered many opportunities to explore math concepts through buildings firsthand. With the story of The Three little pigs, the children expanded their knowledge and understanding of building materials and physical forces. They also explore concepts in social studies related to shelters, jobs, and the purpose behind different structures; such as homes, schools, airports, or churches.
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Welcome to our new Li'l Lancer News Feed

We are so excited to have a news feed designed to showcase our Preschool and Prekindergarten programs. So much is done for our Li'l Lancers every week and now we will have a platform to highlight our youngest gifts.

We will also have a link that you will be able to access the Li'l Lancer Newsletter.
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