Mandatory Parent Event: "Parenting in a Digital World"

Summer is a great time for children to play and explore building memories that can literally last a lifetime. But, as with anything we experience in life, summer can also have many obstacles and allowed to go unchecked these obstacles can be life altering. From sunscreen to water safety and stranger danger we also encourage you to have the same protective mindset when it comes to your child’s online safety.


We expect all of our SJDL parents to join us on Tuesday, April 17, at 6:30 p.m., for a great evening of information that can help ensure your child’s safety online during the summer months and beyond. It is a fact that your children live in the digital age and desire to be social. With these two elements working there is little to wonder about how children can be deceptively coerced into dangerous websites and social media platforms. We want you to know all you can about these dangers and what can be done to help avoid them. Allowed to go unmonitored it is not a matter of if, but when.

Due to the seriousness of online safety in today’s culture this is a mandatory event for parents. The Administrative Team will keep a detailed record of all who are in attendance. Safety for your child, be it physical or online, is a shared responsibility. Please note that the nature of the evening’s topic is for adults only, so no children will be allowed to attend.

Thank you,

In the Company of Mary,

Sister Cecilia Duran, O.D.N.